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Training Programs

We are committed in high excellence and quality in providing a range of training courses in:

  • Package of Strategic planning programs and evaluating organizational performance.
  • Package of senior management programs, supervision programs.
  • Package of human resource development programs.
  • Organizational development package.
  • Organizational Excellence programs and quality according to international and local standards of excellence awards
  • Group self-development programs, behavior and interaction relationships.
  • Package of Public Relations and Media programs
  • Package of electronic Technical Programs
  • Package of financial and accounting programs.
  • Package of management offices and secretarial.
  • Package of marketing and sales programs.
  • Banking programs in cooperation with the arab academy for banking and nancial sciences in Jordan
  • Technical and communications programs in cooperation with the Sudatel Telecom Academy Sudacad
  • E-training programs in cooperation with knowledge Horizons Company
  • Programs for evaluating and preparing assessment centers in cooperation with THOMAS International

Types of Training

In-house training programs

BEST PRACTICE provides In-house training for public and private institutions in line with the specic requirements of their clients, thus adapting attention and preparation of the programs content, implementation and training consistent with the requirements of privacy and the work of those institutions, and kept the same time providing an atmosphere of privacy through which to discuss things Foundation and special emphasis on the development of skills required by the work environment.

Training programs for the general public Training

BEST PRACTICE offers Public training allows institutions to nominate some of their staff to participate in training programs generally involve a number of multi-national companies and organizations in order to develop their careers, and the same time provide them with the opportunity for exchange the experience and expertise of colleagues in the participating institutions training program.

Guidance and Operational Support Executive Coaching Supporting

Taking into account the specicity of the needs and the nature of the senior management staff that require special attention and treatment by their concern and the lack of time available with the possibility of total training time, so BEST PRACTICE provides support services and operational guidance through a select group of specialized experts, as do individual training directly to the Director to provide technical advice and specialized form suited to the time and the need for each manager.


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